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What is the so-called "bunion"?

Hallux valgus (big-toe valgus deformity) is a condition precipitated by damage to the big-toe joint. It's most often exhibited by women. The most common reason for it is wearing tight shoes and high heels. A much rarer factor in the condition is gout.

The condition is characterized by slow development. At the outset a small bump can be seen at base of the big toe, as well as slight inward curve. Pain starts. In time the "bump" grows and the big toe curves more and more inward, sometimes even overlapping other toes. Pain increases. The skin around the growth develops calluses, and under it a synovial bursa takes shape, usually inflamed. The foot's arch becomes flatter.

When the condition is mild or medium, it undergoes conservative treatment – a fixative between the foot's big and index toes. This aligns the big toe properly. If the condition is severe, it undergoes surgical intervention, not always effective.

The toe is maximally tense at the interphalangeal joint, which protrudes above the other toes and develops painful calluses. The toe's tip is simultaneously pushed down and also develops a callus. Strong pain when walking is a common complaint.