Valgomed's main advantages

● Fits the foot perfeclty, without disrupting its esthetic appearance when you wear sandals or slippers

● The elastic material reliably protects the skin between toes, prevents friction, calluses and scabs*

● The fixative is made of hypoallergenic silicone that doesn't provoke unwanted skin rashes

● Provides proper position for your toes; is effective for overlapping toes or other uncomfortable toe positions.*

Valgomed can be worn with any type of shoe, and it's completely inconspicuous

The Valgomed fixative is meant for everyday use with all types of shoes. Because of its shape it adheres closely to the foot and is completely inconspicuous. Valgomed's elasticity completely removes the risk of harm to your toes.* You can treat your "bunion" without any effort on your part, practically "on foot"!*

Prevents calluses and bruises*

Eliminates pain and discomfort when walking*

Can be worn with all types of shoes

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One set include 2 fixatives!

Price: € 45.00
(regular price: € 55.00)